An Astronaut

Can anyone make this please?
I know there is one out there for Fallout 3, but I can’t find it. And even if I did, I don’t have Fo3 on PC.

Sounds quite useful for a model. It’ll be good for all those space posing scenes.

Looks like nobody cares though =(

The FO3 one is with the Gmod Tower model pack

Do I need fo3 on PC? And where can I find it?

You don’t need FO3

Its here I think

Thanks man, I will use this. I still prefer the one in my picture though, but I guess this will do for now.

The FO3 one is based on a pretty old style space suit (like Gemini era), it’d be nice to have a more modern style one.

I tried recreating the picture of Alan Shepard doing EVA, but it does’t work for other ones, like if you wanted to do more modern/futuristic poses. It does, however, have a nice retro-futuristic feel.