An attempt at something "cartoony"

I wanted to try something i’ve never done before


did you actually cut out the pieces or did you just use the cutout effect in the filters in photoshop? You should learn illustrator if you want to make vector art, it’s a pain to learn though.

Isn’t that just a filter?

no, i did it manually. took 4 hours to complete, ask Reflectent if you want proof.

don’t need proof if it took 4 hours, good job rated paint.

I can see that you probably did most of it by hand, seeing as the pieces are so clean, but you can’t tell me you didn’t use the cutout or another filter for those clouds. It’s pretty good I think, but you should also work on the front window. It’s only sharp corners in the original because that’s an in game screen shot. In real life that window would be rounded so you should try doing that to enhance the picture.

I take it you started out using the cutout filter, judging from the sky, then I can see on some of the details that you cut them out yourself. Nice job!

For the clouds what i did was use color select on the dark areas and use the sky color, i had to blur a lot of it because of individual pixels scattered around.

And i wasn’t going for supreme detail this time, i plan on doing a city kind of picture and actualluy making it detailed later on today.

Ah, interesting. Good job on this piece then!

Mmmmmm vector…



looks cool

also… map name?

Great job, reminds me of Killer 7.