An Audience With The King

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Other than the shitty textures, and the mess on the right corner of the image that my eyes cannot really understand at first, second or third glance, the dragon’s pose and fire effect are good. That’s about it imo. :stuck_out_tongue: (I really do like the fire effect for some reason, it’s believable)

yeah somehow the fire particle manages to look great

the lighting’s really dull though

The tail is somewhere on the right, the stuff at the bottom is grass and foliage, and yeah the textures aren’t great, can say the same for pretty much every MH game though.

It’s like a great pic, but the lightning is really off. Sky’s too colorfully blue and the dragon seems to lack lightning. Not really your fault, but I think it could’ve been fixed if one had used strong bright lamps around the 4.00 range on the dragon and making the sky less blue.