An Auto Admin /report script idea.

Report function / Auto admin - Request / Idea

What if you’re not at you’re server at the time and someone starts spamming?
Join the server and let the person know they are going to be banned (As you join)

Not anymore! If someone were to create an auto admin system that uses a chat command such as /report a user could simply report somebody
it would send an Email to the admin(s)in list of priority.
If one admin (server owner) doesn’t respond within 5 minutes it sends an email to the person with next highest priority.
An email would look something like this

From: Autoadmin@(whatever host here).( org com net … whatever)


Subject: User “I like POT:D” Has been reported.

“I like POT:D” Has been Reported By “Crazy Qubecer” for “for: Spamming, Posing, Being a noob/burden”

~ Auto-admin

You could then reply and do either Kick “reason” and it would kick the person for that reason"
Or Ban “time” “Reason” (Or do Abort and it will remove the Report)
If no action be taken on all admin’s part the auto admin will take action according to how long the report is (IE if its “I like POT:D” Reported for “LOL!” then it would only slay them)
And a logic so someone couldn’t do “/report I like POT:D” “LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL”

I have talked to my friend and he suggest bring this up on FP for further ideas. (And to request if anyone could do something to create this"


And I said I’d pay where?

I’ve seen a similar script that has the report function somewhere. Not sure if it emails, but it’s definitely similar.

ASpam using ULib.

Ugh! Not ulx … ULX SVN is broken anyway.

I’m talking about a new system … not old cruddy ulx.

Also this would be public not for just my server. (other servers could use it)

I’ll get on it now. Expect it to be released some time today.

BTW I have an available MYSQL i can use (Have no idea how to use it though)

I honestly can’t think of a way to send emails without a module, sorry.

My friend said something about:

Set up a php script that takes reason, reporter, and reported player, and then set it up to use mail() to send it to you.


This is what I have so far:

] report_user seth faggot dick noob
You have reported 'Seth \" (faggot dick noob)

In reports.txt on the server:

Report made on 05/18/10 08:52:18 :
Reporter: 'Seth \" (STEAM_0:1:23836998) 
Reported Player: 'Seth \" (STEAM_0:1:23836998) 
Reason: faggot dick noob


] say !report seth lolwut fag
You have reported 'Seth \" (lolwut fag)

Just search ulx forums. There’s one already on there anyone with php knownledge could find the page which is broken.

I won’t be on tell another 14 hours :s its 1:55 AM for me ATM

This is pointless. Just get forums and make a ban request section.

It’s not that hard Jesus Christ all your doing is making the shit log to a sql database and make a php read the data. That’s one of the easiest and most useful way. What seth has point out it email you wouldn’t be that bad of an idea, if it was also combined with like what I have just stated then it’s fool proof.

almost done
do you still want it lol

If you have HLSW, you can enable Admin notification.

People can write !admin, forexample and a small pop-up thingi pops up on your screen, saying “Name” in “Server” has notificated you or something like that.

You can also chat with people without even opening Gmod. You have a remote chat and a remote console. Useful program.


I do!

$10 :3: