"An Average Day" (a first)

First episode of a planned continued project by me and 1smcd1, looking to recruit other people. In this episode, the actual content was not the number 1 concern, (everything was basically thought out before hand by a day, sometimes just on the spot) so we were just seeing if we ‘could’ make a video.

Anyway hope you enjoy. WMM ruined it for me anyway…

Please don’t make anymore until you’ve fixed the horrible lag / 10 fps playback and the giant fraps logo on top.

Also don’t play music trough your microphone or if you didn’t get better quality. The audio quality was horrible.

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Oh yeah and hide your hud.

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Also try to fix game glitches like at 2:00 the background shadows disappear and reappear.

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But yeah please don’t think you should stop now. Machinima takes time, your first few will suck horrible but after 1-2 years you will create some great ones.


never did, its all from audacity.

ok, but that was only once it was shown

yeah if i can i’ll try, but no idea…

and yeah thanks.

If there is one thing to remember, it is that most people who watch these kinds of machinimas have a very short attention span. If you could reduce the length of time for each scene to take place, it would be better. Trust me, I know, I’ve made some videos that such people just couldn’t st down and watch.

Another thing; your computer is suffering from lag. You might have to sacrifice texture quality or anti-aliasing to help raise that framerate. You can do those in the Video options of the game.

And here, this will help. The HAT tool can help you do animations. I’m still trying to get the hang of it myself but it’s great. http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=115272

I like the choice of music. And red sniper is my favorite character.

The people on this forum can be a bit harsh, but don’t take it personally.


The audio was terrible, Mix in some music together with the vidio clip if you are gonna use music.

I remembered why the audio was so bad anyway! Almost finished editing it all with Windows Movie maker, then just as I go to save it all, it says it cannot save into the file type that is needed to upload. I find out I can fix this by saving as another type, but this ends up removing half the audio. So, to get round this I downloaded screen capture, played the whole new video and recorded it. Then using audacity, recorded the whole video’s audio in WMM itself. Most sounds were audacity recorded in the first place, so the finished product resulted in double audacity. Audacity = slightly reduced quality, Audacity x2 = yeah, you get the point.

Don’t blame it on audacity, if you have high quality files or even decent quality and you know how to work with audacity the quality wont reduce.

Almost ever youtube person that doesn’t have MAC (Yes also the really famous onces) use audacity, and there quality is fine (I also use it) so I think you fucked up something.

Oh, thanks. Yes I have audacity, and yes I use it plenty, and by plenty I mean almost every piece of music I have! But the amount of changes through which the sound went, from audacity, to wmm, being saved to crappy file types, to being recorded with audacity again. Plus, because there is only one audio slot on wmm, I had to re-edit music and put the other sounds on the same file. etc. etc. And they were recorded from other recordings on youtube anyway. Whatever, thanks for that…

Get a copy of registered Fraps, and find a different video editor. (I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro.) Windows Movie Maker loves to rape quality.

Also, optimize your computer for better recording performance. This includes defragging your hard drive and GCF (game) files, reducing number of processes running (critical for Fraps), and dusting out the hardware. Since you’re already encoding with a resolution of 640x480 anyway (or what it seems to be), record your footage while at a 640x480 resolution. Taking these steps will definitely improve your framerate and video quality.

wow… and i thought my videos were shit…

Thank fully I may be getting a new video editor soon. After having run my free trial of the epic VideoPad editor, and deciding that Pinnacle VideoSpin is shit, I really did need something which worked. I don’t like spending money, but I will probably register fraps. I will try out all the rest of your advice to. Not that i’ll be making anymore videos for a while (as i’m sure the people here will be glad to hear, again, thanks for all your comments guys, appreciated) because of the editor issue. But thanks.

NOTE: the stuff in the brackets was sarcasm…