An average day in the screenshot section town.

I tried to use models used the most in poses.

Alternate angle which displays a little lazy posing.

By the way, is there any reason that the screenshot is still taken in 1280x1024 when I’m on a 1920x1080? I set the screen res to my native 1920x1080 in Gmod using the launch options but they appear stuck at this size.

you forgot the stalker one

I was running out of room. :gonk:

That sure is some lazy posing…
We have a Bank of America in the screenshot section?

It’s a lot of models in my defense :wink:

Of course we do! Where else would we store good poses…AKA not mine.

I did not need to see those boomers doin’ the “Fertility Dance”

but I did think it was funny :razz:

The fuck is going on with the boomers.