An Average Day (Interactive)

One day, you decide to take a lunch break from work and drive to McDonald’s. What will you do next? You decide!

(Posing: not tried as hard as for a real comic, for this is mostly based on the amount of fun from the interactive parts.)

c and d kill the casheer

Go B. It promises interesting story plots ahead.

Edit: Or A. If there was something up with the place it would happen to you if you just stayed there for a bit, I bet.

Erm. Do A. :stuck_out_tongue:

B. This interactive is good.

B. GO GO GO or…
First ask for some nuggets, eat them and then B

Part 2:

(Extremely sorry for the bad posing when he is climbing, for I acually could not get it better then that. Not even with no collide.)

Go back to your car and ram those sons of bitches!
Or b in anyway…


Report to the police…

B as in bet hes going to drive far far away in desert and find a clue.

C Report to the police.

Part 3:

(Not much that I’m sorry about in this one, pretty much just the posing and the long wait some people gets to load an image.)

C… or D. : Pee in ur pants because u got too scared…

D. Explore the city… you may find someone else.

D. Sell the gun and buy a better one…also call some friends to aid you into this.

d watch 24 season 2 to 5 on dvd then blow up the house

C find a way to solve this yourself. It would actually be pretty boring but better than a boring gmod police shoot out

I choose C, but for the future you should elaborate on choices like this, because it kind of leave what happens up to you. You’re the one making the comic here so I guess I shouldn’t say much but if you have an option like C you should allow suggestions on how to go about achieving option C.

B :stuck_out_tongue: