an early sunday morning

A terrorist and his grandfather decide to start bonding by going out and just talking about life while not really looking at each other

By the looks of it,they look like they’re just sitting there not even looking at the sun, the terrorist is staring at the water and the old guy is just staring elsewhere beside’s how can they look into the sun when it’s that bright?

Pretty bad

You overdid the bloom,and you need to work on the posing.

Posing seems to be lazily done.

Amp up your graphics.

  1. my computer won’t let me because it’s shit!

  2. and i am NOT getting another one any time soon because the ECONOMY is SHIT!

Well it’s nice to see your so dedicated to top quality posing…

how understanding of you to ignore the fact i can’t afford a new computer yet and make a redicously retarded comment.

You know the point is, nobody cares. We want to see good pictures and we dont care about you not being able to afford a better computer.


Just turn your graphics up when you have to take a screenshot and turn it down again for decent frames?

i coud do that, but even so, i’m TERRIBLE at posing, and i keep trying and trying and trying, but i can’t pose right

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and i wanna see it rain crystal pepsi and hail hotwings! and i want fucking hot lesbians to start doing it on my lawn! in all seriousness though, how do you you make your pictures, do you use super DOF or is it just a matter of turning graphics up?