An Eerie Calm

Obligatory D-Day scene.

I was honestly just messing around with props and seeing what would happen when I actually liked what came of it all.

The americans used in the first pic are the one by ComradIvan? On my side their eyeballs are missing textures.

The first one is excellent. Reminds me of a lot of your ww2 pics from the old days. Posing is also wonderful, capturing the emotion of the scene very well.

What CK said. Good to see your still posing

Thank you fellas.

I can’t edit worth shit most of the time but I’m proud of being able to pose still :v:

I swear I’ve done about 30 completed poses… too LAZY to edit it really.
or get tired of the idea halfway through lol

They look more like Simkas’ Americans to me.

Actually, I think both are in the pic.
Maybe you have a cubemap problem?

It is ok. I have figured out the problem.