An Elite Combine Soldier stands guard as another prepares to execute offscreen rebel.

Loving Kaffi’s new Combine Weapons and Elite.

C&C etc.

Elite in the BG has levitating powers

Quote for intelligence.

rated box

i love those models


Well, they could be actually doing something, but the posing is good and all. It’s a bit overly filtered methinks, but not too much, on the FP scale anyways.

I’ll have to second Deathbucket, how is the AR-3 (that was what the model’s called I think) hoisted in the air? Is it attached to the elite, and if so, why to the front?

Via a strap(which I can’t edit in because I’m shit at editing) and it’s strapped to the front because it allows him to easily grab it when he puts away his pistol.

I’ll accept that explanation. Although it wouldn’t be much less ergonomic, if not more so, to take it from a similar strap from the back. Only it would require the space to swing it over the head, which may not always be available…

How about the side?

Nice. Damn, I don’t have EP2. Call me a noob.

Uh. Im not one hundred percent what fetish this is. But ok. “Noob”