An Empire

I began a strategy game. (Everybody will say “why do you copy themaw”, I don’t want but I always wanted to code a strategy game)

There are 3 nation in it [atm.]

  • Rome
  • Greece
  • Egypt

I only began the building of Rome. Please comment.

Here u are some pictures

The goal is to build a big empire

Looks really good! Maybe you could stay with the feature that you actually ‘‘walk’’ around like a god instead of the top down view to have a more creative gamemode.

It will be fp(s) :slight_smile:
Cruma, u are an idiot xD

I disagree. I don’t believe that I’m an idiot simply because I rate things that I think are dumb, dumb. Unlike the majority of the people that visit the Gamemodes forum, I’m not easily won over by a bunch of shitty models that were made by using Propper.

and what is your problem with propper? I can’t model and it is enough.

Some new pictures XD

2 new buildings xd

I tried to play, but the server didn’t give me the models apparently.

Might want to add in an optional grid system.

Ye I haven’t added downloads yet cause without fastDL I think it would be a bit slow xd

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New images (I added workers, so if your population is lower than workers u need u can’t spawn building)

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New pics

Regarding the models and such not being downloaded from the server, you can download the required stuff using the SVN link. If you don’t know how to use SVN, google is your friend.

Other download links (Not always up to date!):

Mirror 1

Update: new models including wonders, walls, etc…

You should just drop the “an” and add a “s”.


Please make that you need ressources like wood food stone gold coal iron and stuff like that, so you can build stuff.

Did you even bother to look at the images or video?

I added capital building & border system, now u can’t build in other guys’ city and u need a capital building first [maximum spawnable : 3]

Is there a model pack or anything?

As Breny Posted

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Well, Server isn’t 24/7 but when it is on the “IP” is

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Sometimes this is working too :