An Engineered Proposal

I spent way too much time on this for the end result, but it was good practice for modeling stuff I guess (though the unwrapping on the ring box is absolutely awful)

Happy Valentine’s Day, etc — remember that you might meet your special someone when you least expect it :0

Oops … I wanted to put the Artistic

You can refresh the page and rate agan you know.

I love it for peace and love.

Thanks, I just do not know.

The sharpen filter ruins it.


That’s a very nice pose man.
I don’t see a single issue with it.

you always complain about something minor

I see a beard on female engy. :v:


too much sharpen and exposure. the neck/head positions of the characters is awkward and the engineer looks off-balance

but nice model

It’s hilarious because he sucks so much himself.

it’s like having sex with a pigeon

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So what you are saying is that i can’t criticize chestyMgee’s work just because my stuff is poop compared to his? Go to deviant art please, this place is dangerous for you.

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Okay what i said is a little of too extreme, but what you said is dumb.