An Englishman, A Frenchman, And A War


An Englishman, a.k.a. Sargent Teddi, a Frenchman, a.k.a. Private Max, and a War, a.k.a. the City 8 uprising.

Max and Teddi got thrown together in this melting pot of a city, in a time or turmoil; a time of war, and rebellion. Teddi, a former soldier of the British Armed Forces, was relocated to City 8, in Japan, right after the “Seven Hour War”. Max, a former baker boy (and more or less still one), was relocated one year after it. Join them in the struggle, the adventure from slums to mile-high citadels.

Remember this is more like a pilot episode… but im still considering it Episode 1 IF the concept takes off, so see this as “testing the water”

I hereby approve of this since ScoutKing (still) has a gun pointed at my forehead.

Voices just need to be much louder and flow improved, but it’s really cool nonetheless.

yeah ill speak to the voice actors on making it louder.

Max, record louder next time.

It’s not a matter of recording louder, it’s a matter of mastering your audio properly. I already use compressors on my files, so it ain’t my fault.

I heard the voices fine, but I need to really get a better mic, for talking louder / shouting, it doesn’t really do any justice.

well one scene I couldn’t make the voice louder, because of gun fire.
After i filmed that one scene, the rest I filmed with none, then added the gun fire in later on so you could hear it.

That was very bad.

-The sound editing. Some audio was extremly loud, while some very low. The machine gun sounds were wayyyy too loud in some parts aswell.

-That last action scene looked rediculous. The combine soldier just stood there, in the middle without any cover, firing at an empty space for an elongated amount of time.

-When they were standing in cover, and in acouple dialouge bits, the animations were incredibly jumpy.

-Why the hell didn’t the combine just shoot them as they were running away?

-Why were they in an idle pose staring at two machine guns for 5 seconds, and then reload?

Your machinima puzzles me Scoutking

The faceposing here I will admit looks nice, but the English guy sounds terrible, sounds like he’s Irish or something instead of English. The 360 shot with the gun and the table would’ve been better if it only went around them once or twice, was very unnnecisary to do that for so long.

And that action scene at the end could’ve been done much better. Its just one combine not even using cover when he’s outnumbered two to one, and he doesn’t even think to call for backup at all?

It had potential, you should’ve spent more time on it. You’ve done better than this.

But i can agree and disagree to some of your points, but if you look at every movie like that it would be paragraphs of this, I mean, why is in your movie “A Day In Time” why dose at the last scene a guy is in out space with no suit on?
The sound editing was off in some area’s due to the gunfire was recorded in game, and I filmed the scenes with gun fire with a stationary turret firing at the scene, but the thing is, the sounds screwed up on the torrent, the sound comes from the player not the turret so you hear it loud as day even if your a mile away.
The reason the combines firing is to keep them “pinned down” its a tactic, you fire near or at the enemy to suppress them. reason why he didn’t shoot them as they where running away, the combine or the metro cops are not the smartest thats the idea. the idea of them starring at machine guns is away of telling, they are getting their guns, the reloading is them cocking the guns.
You are obvious just posting at flaws that every video and even some of your video contains just for the sake of posting.


also if someones going to say, “the voices don’t sound authentic”
these are native born British and french voice actor, its obvious if you find their voice acting now “real” you got a stereotypical view then.
I will agree apon the british voice acting not being eh… the best.

That’s my natural accent. We’re not all posh and proper like the southerners. Infact, I don’t sound Irish at all in that video.

Edit: Infact, just for you if you’d like, I can get someone Irish to read out a few sentences, and then I’ll read out the same, if you’d like to honestly compare.

I agree, I don’t know what I was thinking when I did that. I forgot to mention that the suit pumps oxygen directly to his bloodstream by fusing with his skin when he picks up the suit. I post out the flaws in your video because that’s what ruined it for me. Do you want me to just say that it blew dick? Because that wouldn’t go over well with the mods. Do you want me to lie and say that it was good? I’m being honest with you because it’s the only way you’ll learn from mistakes, that’s why. This is the video you’re again competing with me with, I want a close competition. Get better, and stop bitching. It’s like if I said it sucked, you’d flame. Give critism, and you still go off the handle. Control yourself.

You can’t take the prospect of a joke.

Now I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Your movie was bad. I am telling you why. There isn’t a joke here.

you fail to inter-pit, the joke was the competition.

funny how you say that after you realize how bad this is

Good night

Unfortunetly scout, this was abit dissapointing. intro looked promising but as it went on, my hopes got down.

the part after 2:20 was bad, the combine should’ve been shooting as they ran.
and as faolco1 said the last scene was terribe.

I’d say that, given it’s his first action movie, it’s quite decent.

now considering that, I’d agree with you.

Yeah it really was a first for alot of things, two faceposes going on, in depth story line, alot of work with NPC’s and the first time experimenting with some facepose gestures.
so it was a first for alot.


But FYI the combine are so post to be this dumb though, next episode it will explain it more in depth.
Treat this as a semi-serious semi-comical series, some episodes will be short and funny, some be long and serious.

Every time i read this title, i really hope it’s a bar joke.