An enraged citizen.

One angry som’bitch.

I know the Muzzleflash isn’t near enough to the barrel but i’m too lazy to fix it.
Fuck you and your fat Daughter…

Go be unlazy and fix it, should’ve double rainbow’d check everything before you take the shot, and that ugly Spas-12 is not cool, get Larry’s Weapon Pack bro.


^OHHHH…Double rainbows! OOOOHHHH its sooo…OHHHHH its Beutiful!!

ohhh maaan.
its a double rainbow.

Well I guess you can just use ugly weapons for your screenshots that look nice. ugly guns > nice screenshot I guess.

Funky colors.

And that is one big ass shell.

I have weapon packs. Rifles/pistols/sniper rifles/shotguns.
I just chose to use the default Hl2 Shotgun to match the enviroment and citizen model.

umm larrys pack has a SPAS-12 in there…and it also looks way better and still fits the hl2 enviorment…you should check it out

Has 3 actually.

-solid stock
-folded up stock
-no stock.

And fix that muzzle flash.

I like it, aside from the muzzle flash being a tad far out from the shotgun, I think the model matches the scene’s feeling, to be honest using custom guns should earn extra points but using game content shouldn’t take away any.
Only thing a bit weird is the light/shadow on the body, the tip of the shotgun and his holding hand should be lit up and the env light should be coming from his back seeing as he’s standing halfway in the darker side of the corner.


Also, where did you get the muzzle flash effect? it looks nice.

an effects pack on O:

So using GMan in a Garry’s Mod pose is completely fine, because it’s in the content?

Aren’t we talking about guns?
Also how’s using Gman any bad if you give him a right use, I wouldn’t put him shooting.

You were onto game content, but if you mean the guns specifically, then ok.

I quite like it.

The shells pop out after pumping a shotgun :eng101:

yeah. kinda realise that now >_>

smudging up 10 pixels does not a hair make

I didn’t smudge the pixels. I used a special brush that I normally use for rain droplets. But like really small and brown :slight_smile: