An EOD soldier cautiously approaches a reluctant suicide bomber in the streets of Haditha


Thats one well hidden bomb! I like it man.

I like all the little fixes and the ground re-texture.

Very nice looking. I also haven’t seen that movie, though I have seen a couple scenes (not this one though) was thinking about maybe doing the IED explosion.

You did a very good job making the textures look crisper, and the shading looks nice all around (maybe could have done a little more with the bomber)

I love the angle as well. Nice work.

Looks nice, but you should’ve fixed the shadows, it looks like there’s no gun/hands shadow, or they’re too transparent.

But still very nice and hurt lockery.

Gracias. I find shading these guys so hard, especially seeing as they are so dark.

Phew. I thought it might look dumb. I was just messing about in-game and decided that the long shadows looked cool from above and, if I wanted to sound artistic (pretentious), I’d say that the size of the shadows shows a contrast between the two characters… or something.


An overhead angle?! So original! This is blasphemy!
Only 1 thing I don’t like but I doubt you had anything to do with it and that is the fact that you can’t see the bomber’s hand in his shadow, it stops at a nub.

It makes no sense, but I like it. Interesting camera angle.


I just noticed the detail you put onto the ground. Nice touch.

The Hurt Locker?

You should have made him hold some detonator. I bet the bombs in the can.

Please, it’s quite obviously Saving Private Ryan :downs:

Poor man.

They put four locks on him and the stupid guy wasted time pointing a gun at him when he could have got the bolt cutter faster.

It’s hard to trust someone when they have a fucking bomb on their chest. :downs:

just watched that last night, how weird.

Same here.

the shadows around the dudes head looks like his head is popping out of the abyss.

Specially when the sun is seemingly and noticeably shining down on his head.

Texture work looks nice. The suicide bomber doesn’t look like a risk, but he could have a grenade attached around him to knock out one soldier.

Either than that, alright job.

I wanna see Hurt Locker so bad

Hurt Locker ftw. I love that movie, I actually cried a little!

of course you cried, you’re a woman