An epic battle between MW2 Guys and ME2 Guys.

In Pyro’s mind.

Yeah, done before. Many times. What. Ever.

That was done pretty quick. Only ~40 layers. I am happy with it, though.

Weird black rain…

I like the glow and the tree line though. Nice work as usual. Some aliasing/isolation issues though.


Made the rain black-ish so it is visible, looks weird, I admit.
There was some isolation errors I didn’t know how to fix, so i tried to hide it with some sort of rimlight. I guess I made it even worse. :buddy:

Pretty awesome, but I think the pyro should be holding the homewrecker.

Think how badass it would be to see someone standing atop a mountain in the rain, with a sledgehammer.

Fucking epic.

I saw your username and your tf2 history and i thought wtf ? i really prefer this screenshot.

Thanks for comments, guys.

I have him PainTrain becouse homewrecker was kinda big and unfitting. The same reason for axes.
It was supposed to be Pyro weapon after all.

ME2? Modern Shitfare 2? Where?

In Pyro’s mind.

Thanks for bump :buddy:

black rain is awesome

Cheers! :buddy:

It sure is.