An epic tale of warding off a racist RDMer

So there I and a couple of friends were, RPing in downtown V2 as usual. Then, a guy named w0rld joined and built a fly through walls, turret armed wire hover thingy. It was cute and funny for a bit, then he put a grabber on it and started stealing entire shipments of guns. We attempted to make him stop, then he decided to go racist. He was from (big country nobody on the server could pronounce) and called every American on the server “Fat pigs that should go eat hamburger”, even though me and a few other people on the server indeed hated burgers. He teamed up with the CP Chief who was from France and started RDMing like there was no tomorrow. Me, Parakeet, and <<Mtn. Dew>> hid out in the yellow warehouse. Mtn Dew built a turret jeep and killed w0rld. Then Parakeet ran out and pocketed all of w0rld’s gun shipments, then ran back. He gave us all a silenced sniper, MP5, and MAC. We started sniping in the cover of the garage doors, killing w0rld and Casanova (The CP Chief) a few times. We proceeded to run into the sewers, making a hideout in a boxcar. W0rld got kicked for a bit by an admin that joined for a second, so Parakeet went gun dealer and gave us Auto Shotties. (Awesome!) w0rld joined again and tried to hide in the sewers, buying and locking a load of doors. Seeing as our guns were MadCow, we simply shot the doors out of place. After an epic chase, an admin joined and got him permabanned. Funny thing was the CP chief said he was “undercover.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Typical DarkRP.

The sad thing is you’re right. Why can’t the little children stay in-character? Why do the 7-year-old admin girls use adminship to get out of arrest?

They feel that because they have the power to do that, it’s the right thing to do.

This is why mad cows is awesome

I remember one admin who just noclipped out of jail, but he didn’t unarrest himself. So when me and my police friends saw him walking slowly down the street, we all started walking too and we had the slowest chase scene ever :buddy: .

Little kids aren’t serious. They generally seem to drop the ‘role’ out of ‘roleplaying’.

When on DarkRP I just imagine those running around RDMing everyone and shouting are just roleplaying as mentally unstable people.

Then I realise they probably /are/ mentally unstable people :downs:

Most likely the RDMers are more mentally stable than me. And I’m a serious roleplayer.

Maybe I’m the sole exception, then? :smiley:

Oh no! The Indianmurdering imperialists who had “Whites only” written on their public bathrooms untill the mid-70’s are being abit offended when someone makes fun of your industry… Yeah, that’s right, hamburgers in your country makes so much money so that it’s an INDUSTRY!

Also, on a sidenote:
Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger… Does saying racist things make me racist? No, of course not, that’s rediculous. It’s when a skinhead stabs an Indian shopkeeper in a backalley that we got racism going on.

Grow up, and stop bitching about the occassional non-racist moron, atleast he can prenounce your country.

Thanks for the cool advice!
What with the awesome people popping up on facepunch? I love Vinze’s rants, and you just gave me a tool…

Girls? I think you’re mistaken. They’re usually 7 yearold boys posing as girls.

Your thread officially got raped by Vinze.


Vinze owned this thread.

Vince is awesome.

That was only in the south and does that even say that we approve of it, And so what hamburger is an industry not everyone eats at McDonald’s.

Grammar fail.

No, it wasn’t.

No, but like… The major population does.