An Error Message I cant explain or understand.

I keep getting the "please close cheat engine before starting rust " on my steam version of rust and I’ve been to the forums on steam to ask this already and they have been … very silent.
I do use cheat engine on single player games but odd enough the first time I got this error was … I would say 2 hours after i had closed cheat engine because I’m not stupid enough to have it running while I’m playing an online game.
I appreciate the level of protection to keep Vac or what ever the service is called from wrongly banning me but after over 48 hours of not having run cheat engine once I"m down to only one solution to get this error to stop happening and its restart my computer which I will be doing soon anyways but I want to ask before if there is anything I can do the next time find my self in this situation

**“What is Rust/Steam finding that makes it think I have cheat engine open and running when I have already closed the program?” **
That is my question in its simplest form all I want to do is close that one thing so I can play without feeling like I need to restart my computer when ever I want to play rust (which mind you I don’t know if that works yet)

I’m ask for only helpful advice if you don’t like cheat engine I understand that’s your opinion but I don’t need to hear it and it doesn’t help me in the slightest.

Thank you for your time.

personally don’t use cheat engine, so i can’t help with specifics; but a lot of the time a closed program can still be running in the background. 2 hours later is kind of unusual, but i’d check in task manager to be sure it’s not still running, especially since restarting works.

I appreciate you going out of your way to try and help but task manager was the first place I went as I tend to keep it open to check how the games or programs I’m using are running not to mention i was testing the capabilities of a new graphics card at the time. (memory/ cpu ussage) from what I can tell there is nothing usual open. But then there are a lot of programs open and I’m not sure what was there before I opened cheat engine and was still there after I closed it. I have a feeling this might have something to do with lets say … a cookie like you get on your browser that cheat engine leaves behind that i need to remove but I don’t know enough about the program to know what it is I’m looking for to even start looking.