"An Error occurred while updating Garry's Mod (disk read error)"

So whenever I start up Gmod it pops up a “Updating Loading” Window, it takes about 3 seconds before it pops up “An Error occurred while updating Garry’s Mod (disk read error)” I did what Steam told me to do, but still, It happened when my Antivirus (Which I don’t know the name of) said there was a virus and it was deleted. So I uninstalled the game and Re-installed. Still didn’t work. What do I do!?

I had this issue too, but I ended up having to do a hard drive reformat (I was doing it for other reasons anyways). My antivirus had deleted hl2.exe and I couldn’t redownload it. You could try verifying your GMod files.

How do I do that? I mean I know you have to go into your Steamapps and GarrysMod Files but what do I do?

Right click on Garry’s Mod in Steam then click properties. Then, just click Verify Integrity of Files or something like that.

I don’t have a “Verify Integrity of Files”

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Actually Im going to use “Previous Versions”



No I got in my Gmod files and Deleted it and got the old one to replace the New one

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It didn’t work, so I found out you meant in the Steam Library not the Gmod files, woops

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I did that, still Didn’t work

I finally got it to work! Now I got to re-download some addons and I’ll be back in Business, Anyway how do I close this Help Forum? I dont know

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how did you get it to work i am having the same problem