An Eternity of Bliss

This was a fun little gem to work on. I set up the scene in gmod in the color room on construct (forgot to take pics). Then I rendered out several volumetric lights in sfm and used those in photoshop.

Then with my new drawing pad, I was able to paint most of the snow with a custom brush I made. The drawing pad also made it much easier to help bring out some of the detail by using the burn tool. Anyways, hope you like it.

wow, this is great work, have an art

Just sitting outside, reading a book while it snows. Minimal fucks given.

Good work, doc.

You creative fuck, well done.

why use SFM to render a volumetric light like that? it could have easily been painted

Sir,have a medal.

Great pic.
And that music… My nostalgia levels are off the charts.

Dreaming old man

I think it’s a very well-done scene.