An exaggerated headshot in first person.

Do you hold your left hand like that when wielding a handgun in the right?

I would.
to be badass.

I don’t see how that’s exaggerated.
Your skin doesn’t dissappear when you get shot in the face, your head turns to mush.


No muzzleflash, some of the head doesn’t seem to be crushed enough. Also why is he holding his middle finger like a gun?

GRiM has a point; “exaggerate” would need giant muzzleflash, massive recoil, and less left hand. Unless he was dual wielding massive handguns… or shotguns… now we are talking.

hoyl shit he blew off his skin and eyes oh god

That is horribly overexaggurated

Not exaggerated enough.

Much better.

Needs bigger muzzleflash still but nice job :v:

I have yet to see a muzzleflash from my No.4 after putting several hundred rounds through it in various weather conditions, day and night. Is my rifle broken, or are you just wrongly assuming that because movies have gigantic balls of fire everywhere, guns do that every time they go off?

-snip- did not see dat silencer

Sure, silenced weapons always have huge muzzleflashes right? Gun nuts are annoying, they’re even worse when they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

Suppressors can nearly diminish muzzle blast, after all, that is what they were originally designed for.

/gun nut that knows his shit

That was pretty much my point.

well aren’t you precious? :allears:

it is the exact same shit. unburnt powder and hot gas that ignites and forms a brief fireball. it does not happen every shot regardless of weapon type.

Oh shit it has a silencer on it? Didn’t see that :smith:

Needs to be a gold deagle. :eng101:

With a scope.

Different ammo means different muzzle flashes :colbert: