An Experiment: Let's see if we can build a secure, self sufficient VILLAGE on Rust - More info within

Hey Facepunch. It seems like the only thing that Rust is known for so far is free for all PVP and hastily made cubes. But I want to see if it is feasible to work together and create a functional village. After chatting with some players in game, there seems to be a lot of support, so i’m making this thread to keep everything organized.

At this point you probably have your doubts, so let me get into the specifics.

-This is NOT going to be done on a whim, it will be carefully coordinated and everybody will have a role to play. The principle idea of this is division of labor, meaning that villagers will be split up into Soldiers/Gatekeepers, Builders, Gatherers, and Coordinators. If everyone does their assigned role, we will be miles ahead of noobs with rocks.

-In order for this to work, villagers have to have discipline. To join, you MUST have: A working mic, teamspeak, a good internet connection, and must be available when we start. You must also understand that not everybody will be able to be a Coordinator or a Builder, but if there is a vacancy in one of those spots, we will pick the most qualified person from any other role. And if you’re familiar with this game, you should know that sometimes you have to grind for materials, and it wont always be exciting.

-Even though you will be assigned roles, i will make sure everyone gets input, we can have a sort of vote system to ensure this.

-Because i don’t know how much support there will be, I haven’t set a date for this yet. I want to do that after we get at least 15-20 committed players.


-15-20 Committed, criteria-meeting players.
-A Teamspeak server
-A date where the majority of players including myself can get on, i will probably leave this to a vote

And lastly, NONE OF THIS IS SET IN STONE I want to hear what you have to say, i’m sure there is a million ways to make this better and there are definitely flaws I’ve overlooked.

So if you’re interested, please tell me below/ask questions and bookmark this thread, I will be jotting down more ideas soon and I want to hear yours.


not really up to committing time to this kind of project, but would be very interested to follow the process, maybe post some feeds?:wink:

If I had more time than a paltry 3-5 hours a night (AU) of actually playing the game I’d love to be involved but sadly don’t. When it does happen make sure you document the rise (and maybe the fall!) of “The Villiage” as Knifey said

You might want to advertise what time zone you are in it may assist with recruitment etc!

I would be up for that, (depending on the rules / requirements).

I am predominantly a builder in Rust. I play to build large secure bases and defend them, (rather than raiding and PVP), and will frequently spend 5-6 hours gathering resources and building a really elaborate base. I have achieved quite a lot on my own, but often think about the kind of structures we could build if we worked as a team. A couple of times I have built a small village with 6-8 separate houses in a walled community, and then left them all unlocked, for people to move in. I usually just end up getting killed by one of my ungrateful tenants though, lol.

Possible problems:

Time. I have a full-time job and a wife, so I can’t always choose when I am online. That said, I usually manage to fit in 3-4 hours most evenings, and 5-6 hours at the weekend.

Assigned roles. Not sure I agree that some people should be just builders and some should be just gatherers. Doesn’t seem very fair. I would rather everyone took turns. Obviously there needs to be someone coordinating, and people would need to take it in turns to be on guard duty, but I don’t see why we couldn’t all go off gathering wood, then meet back after 30 mins or 20,000 wood, pool our resources and start building. Then do the same with stone, etc.

Working mic / teamspeak. I’m a solo player usually, and I don’t like using the mic. Usually I am playing while chatting to my wife and watching TV simultaneously, and I don’t want to also have to listen to some 14 year old american prick telling me how big his penis is, and how much he hates russians. If I wanted to hear unintelligent morons talk crap all day I would watch the Jeremy Kyle show! I guess I can get over that though, and turn on the mic when it’s required / necessary.

Server. Which server would we play on? Busy or private? Official or community? I personally like building my epic builds on very busy, popular servers, as it creates more of a challenge, and there are more people to see it. Building an enormous construction on an unpopulated server where you are the only person feels pretty pointless to me…

Hi all,

I’d like to be part of this project.
My timezone is CET and I’d prefer the weekends so I’ll be able to invest more time in it.
Not being a native english speaker there is some very specific accents I have a hard time to understand. If people speak clearly that’s fine. Because of that I’m ok to be a full time gatherer.

I’d be up for it. I don’t have a particular play style when it comes to builder or PvPer per se, as I play alone, so I do it all. I love building as much as ganking though, and I don’t mind pulling my weight farming mats.

I am interested in this project. I have a working mic and I have no problem communicating with strangers. I understand english well and speak it very well too (don’t mind my spelling, I am still learning). My timezone is CET. I prefer to play weekends since I study weekdays.

I’d be interested but after the game is more polished.

Now I just got the game…but I would love to join something like this. I am a fast learner and I work great with other people and I follow orders.

I have a working mic, I am on Teamspeak DAILY…my schedule is wide open…I stay at home, I can be on mostly any time I am needed. I am not picky as to what position I can be on.

Hey, I was there on the Texas server when you first talked about the idea, and I have supported it ever since. After you left, me and a few other guys started up a village of around 10 people, and it really seemed to work. I am very excited about this idea and I hope you post more ideas about the town/village…

…Also, I can’t wait to elect our Great Khan…

Structure it as well as you can. Assuming you will be doing this on a populated server. When peeps get wind of an organised community, it will become a huge target and you’ll likely have an opposing force organised to take you down, or at least targeted banditry!

In my server atm we seem to have some uneasy alliances in the valley where the admins have set up an FOB, people have built in the same general vicinity (I think they like the free Apples I am giving them). Its not against the rules in my server to kill mods or admins so they have to stay on their toes while in server, I think it keeps the game fun for them.

Have a good population at the moment so it will be interesting to see what happens when people start invading the valley looking for trouble, whether or not everyone will ally up against the common foe or whether the server will plunge into Anarchy!

It cannot be done successfully, not with the way the current building system is, because the bigger the buildings get and expand the more it lags, especially if their are 200+ lanterns, eventually everyone will have to turn off all their settings just to be able to move, i should know, i just recently built Valhalla, it used over 4+ million wood and 3+ million stone, it was by far the largest building I’ve ever done and seen. I had quite a few people come and visit but some had problems due to the lag and could not pick items up because of it. In fact while removing some pillars the server crashes with an over flow stack error, and i also figured out how to create an area where that any one who walks into it and looks at my building will crash and be unable to connect to the server.
The game is not ready, unless you severely restrict lanterns and the building sizes, i built a small river front town and even that lagged like hell.

As a Half Deaf Person, i have this to say about all these groups with their Team Speak requirement,

F#@k Team Speak!!

ahh, but it doesn’t have to be bigger badder buildings. a few small houses, slightly apart surrounded by a wall. communal work areas with a few furnaces constantly burning, food cooking and people crafting. a central bank with individual access to rooms.

“soldiers” pacing the walls while “hunters” go kill animals and harvest barrels, and “laborers” go hunt for timber, stone and ore. it’s (imo) going to work more so for the people working in unison than the massive builds possible from all that wood.

so, any further progress on this? i’m really curious to see how it goes.

last bump, then i’ll let this thread be buried.

op, any further advances in this area? have you made a village? are you still looking for players? it’s been a fortnight since your original post.

I can provide the server for this if you would like. I would love to be a part of a village that acts as a normal society with laws, government, and the like. Let me know if you need a server, I’ll let you use mine.

I’ve tried it a few times. I had a couple of people stay, but most that came to check it out went to live/build on the other side of the map. I’d like to see at least a couple of large cities that could compete with each other, but I don’t think it will be possible until the game stabilizes (fewer wipes).

Edit: image hugeness

The problem, as stated before, is that wipes will be occurring on a fairly regular basis.

Having said that, I would gladly volunteer my server for projects such as this. I really enjoy the creative and social aspects of Rust and I think that with the proper people something like this could be really fun and perhaps even educational (God forbid!).

My server is Anarky US West Coast @, my ign is AK.

My traffic has been pretty low since a raiding fiasco that occurred due to some nefarious duping, but I have run a Rust server for over 7 months now and don’t plan on going anywhere.

soo essentially you want to create “Woodbury”?

aye aye Governor! o7

So its gonna be just like north korea ?