An explanation?

this link used to go to Dan’s Mega SNPC pack, but now it’s empty. This is a big deal, since dan’s pack is easily the best addon in existence. Why was it deleted? Is it because there’s a new one coming out?


(User was banned for this post ("Undescriptive thread title" - PLing))


Opinion. I think Wire is the best addon made.

Wire indeed. PHX also can be the best one. I’m not sure:P

wire and phx put together, EPIC, and dans pack no longer available because YOU ARE NOT A JEDI!

Go to a server which features Dan’s Mega SNPC pack. YOu’ll download it from there. Not sure if it will work tho…

funny how every single one of you missed the entire point of this thread. i wanted to know WHY it was removed.

THAT, my friend. you’ve got to ask the creator

its cause stargate mod was the best addon