An explorer climbing along the side of a cliff [scenebuild]

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So that’s what nick does on his free time.

you should have added fur to the arms, they look too young for Nick right now.
But that’s really cool!

He kinda looks like a monky.

Lol “fur”. It’s not supposed to be Nick though really, although hairy arms would make more sense considering the stubble on his face.

He looks kinda awkward, but nice scenebuild.

I’d be quite awkward too at that height, perched on a pair of little rocks jutting from a cliff edge, but I understand what you mean. Thanks for the comment.

Not your best work chesty, his hand doesn’t seem like it’s grabbing the vines, probably not your fault but you could’ve had him grab a rock or something. His mouth looks strange too. Still, rated artistic.

I found it hard to get an exasperated facepose, but I tried my best at attempting to do something other than a “I’m a serious man” face. Gracias for the comment.

Might’ve been nice to give him a small open smile, like he loves climbing out doors and getting that high is an accomplishment, yet he’s breathing heavily since he just climbed.

Might be me, but the pic isn’t loading

it ain’t you, shit is fucked

The filesmelt servers usually gets fucked. So I suggest using a new image host.

Filesmelt interface error FTL, but since its chesty I bet the picture is godly

Classic example of ass kissing. It’s not one of his amazing edits, it’s a nice little scenebuild some some.

Well, I have not seen much stuff but I suggest his is godly!

Do not use filesmelt please, it sucks.
Use imageshack or tinypic or something.

I’ll use whatever the hell I like thanks. And imageshack sucks more than filesmelt - filesmelt might go down all the bloody time but at least it isn’t the slowest host in the known universe.

For the time being, I will have to switch to something else.


I have updated the picture.

The scenebuild is great, the background is really beautiful but Nick looks a bit like a…Monkey from that angle.