An F-35 inspired jet (still WIP, need help)

This is rather my first time building a good looking plane. Trouble is, I don’t know how to parent it! Here are some pics:

Advanced dupe save here:


thrust vectoring ?

Nah, it can’t even move right now. The whole plane is not welded, only no-collided and frozen.

that’s pretty good, it’s low prop yet it retains the correct shape of an f35. I’d want to fix that cockpit if i were you.


somewhat low prop

Looks familiar.
Good job anyways :3

Lol, parenting is easy as hell. Just take a wire chip, make it weigh like 100 or so, then make the whole plane weigh like 1 for every prop. Use multi parent, if you dont have it, get it or you’ll spend hours parenting. Click the props you want to parent, then right click the wire chip. Bam, you’re done.

You actually don’t have to make every prop weigh 1 Donut, Also the wire chip can be weighted 1 and still support the other weights of the parented props to the wire chip.

Well, I still stick with that method, just to be safe. Remember the parenting disaster with my plane on FPBU?


ragdoll someone via ulx (or whatever) then parent them to the world.

iF YOU made that a year ago, thats fucking great dude.

Bro, swing by Sax’s some time and I’ll teach you all about parenting. - Sax’s public.

Weight won’t matter with the parented props btw. Only what the parent entity weights can or will affect the rest (IF the parented props are constraint-free).

I tried using multi-parent tool to parent everything to the middle prop and everything sunk into the ground.

Don’t parent the main/bottom pieces that stuff will be touching. Parenting makes prop(s) nocollide with ground and everything, xsept sometimes when the object is motionless, a player can stand on it for some reason. So make sure not to parent moving parts and a few bottom parts so it hits the ground

It also wouldn’t hurt to parent everything, then weld some vary simple props to make a “rollcage” and just make them invisible. I did that with a hl2 car prop inside of a custom Maclaren

Maybe I’m just dumb, I still don’t quite get it. Why not try to parent my plane and show me? The dupe save is on my first post.

make a main base for the the plane, like a one prop base. then parent everything to that

Defiantly… change the bathtub cockpit.

That just ruins it. It looks really good beside that. Just use some 1x1 PHX Tubes for it or something…

fix teh cawk.
And you’ll be DUN.

Grr… Too many aircraft…

Where are the big massive destroyers,carriers,and crap XD

no it doesn’t.

Basically what you do when you parent is that you make a prop’s static model belonging to another one. The dynamic model (physically enhanced) goes invisible and stuff. No-collide-all the parented props to avoid invisi rape and parent rape.

Oh and don’t ever use constraints on parented props… Rather use invisible unparented props for a rollcage.