An idea for a light source in Rust.

I was talking with some other people and they said that I should post this here? I was proposing that they introduce an oil lamp as a light source, perhaps once you can carry and at night place in your house? The materials needed to make it could be metal shards (or crude metal) some crude oil, and perhaps animal fat or cloth. If you have any ideas or criticism for this idea feel free to discuss it with me. Perhaps it will be addressed in later updates. On a sight note the new update makes my rust playable so I am a happy person.

I’m all for oils lamps! They should also have hooks and stuff that you can nail into walls and hang the lamps onto. The lamps should be able to last quite a bit of time to before they need more oil. This way, I can light up my base without needing those damn campfires…

I like this. How about a standalone, slow-decaying (based on if a lamp is hung and lit?) lamp post for lighting up areas you now have protected with spike walls and gates?

I like this idea as well, pigs have a lot of fat and that can be refined to make oil in real life,so why not use that to make a light source that lasts a long time. for realism though, i think it should take some time to do this because turning fat into oil takes time

What about just using low grade fuel? Is there something that would be fundamentally different about making it ‘oil’?

You can actually make a small lamp with things you find around the house.

  1. rope, twine, vines, cloth
  2. any kind of low grade/low flashpoint oil (almost all veggie oil).
  3. some kind of container (a rock bowl, tin can…).
  4. a heavy object to support the wick in the oil.

Maybe you can place it on the workbench?

it would be a higher grade fuel that would burn longer. to be used as a light source only

Exactly what I was thinking, I am not a fan of camp fires on every floor, and it would be nice on the wall and outside in the night.

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Sounds like a good idea, that way it’s not too OP. If it took a few days time then I wouldn’t see a problem with that.

The low grade fuel would be alright, but I think it’s too easy to get. Or at least require so many of the low grade fuel and some other resource to make a more fine fuel.? Perhaps O am just spit balling here.

I like this idea, lamps would be a nice light source edition other than torches and flares.

Yes it’s easy to get but also why would you want to make it excessively hard to achieve a lamp for your base? Making the lamp out of metal, and fueling it with low grade fuel seems more then fair. It shouldn’t be a luxury, but easy to acquire once you start to get deep into the game.

Good idea!

I dig it - maybe make it use charcoal so my crates upon crates of charcoal are actually useful for something.

Oil lamp is super