an idea for a new g mod game mode

i like the zombie mod, but its not really what you expect out of a zombie game, is it possible to make a game mode where a team, or teams have, lets say 20 minutes to pool there limited resources together how they see fit and defend against waves of zombies in a homemade fortress, after every round the have 5 mins to build it up a little more, they get resources after every wave and i don’t mean small pussy waves this thing would be epic from square one. i have no idea how to script and no intention of commissioning this project, but i want the idea out there and hope to see it on g mod one day

ty all :smiley:

Wrong section, also I do believe that this would be hard. As currently you can’t really make zombies destroy a homemade fortress on such a high level AI system (LUA), it’s why it hasn’t been done. You generally have to use buildings in map, and you get a few props to position that zombies in the default AI; throw at you.

what section/ could you use world props? by that i mean props anyone (including zombies can destroy?) like on zombie panic but a bit more complex

like in the long run something that possibly goes the way of cs and is very solid

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