An idea for a team-based challenge

I had a wonderful idea for a challenge while attempting to make a bridge across a gorge by just using normal ropes and no freezing of props (no noclip as well) and it occurred to me, why not make this a team sport?

Basically, a team of 4 or so would traverse a predetermined course on a terrainous map (like gm_atomic) and must overcome all obstacles in the set course on foot with using nothing but vanilla props, no noclip, and only the nail & rope tool (no rigid ropes) to climb hills, scale cliffs, and scurry across obstacles. No vehicles in this except if the situation warrants it, a wheeled cart could be made to barrel your team down a hill. The team who finishes in the fastest time wins. After each checkpoint, all structures must be removed before proceeding.

Just imagine the fun like this to “race” around gm_bigcity- building bridges across buildingtops, scaling down skyscrapers to the finish, you name it. I’m looking for ideas for rules to make this solid, I’d like to host it eventually.


my friend and I almost completed our bridge, it would connect in the center. the server crashed.

This isn’t necessarily a contraption thread, but if it doesn’t belong here, could a mod please move it?

you cant do this in sandbox, because people would just put props hanging from the sky making platfomrs to jump around with.

see my point?

No cause people aren’t retarded.

Awesome shit karb. I’ll hit you up later and maybe we can come up with some rules and more ideas. This sounds great :v:

as i stated in the op, you can’t freeze props.

This is pretty cool

Hah! I like the idea.