An idea for children models.


good idea

also you could poop in a tin and pour sprinkles all over it as an easy alternative to actually baking cupcakes

(User was permabanned for this post ("Gimmick" - PLing))

Wouldn’t work, at least not without as much effort as new meshes (although being able to share textures would be nice).

Children have different proportions than adults. Just scaling down would get you models that look like dwarves (or midgets, or little people, depending on how politically correct or incorrect you want to be).

Well it’d work better then the beta models in my opinion.

not perfectly, but better.

Seeing that it is possible to get Fallout 3 stuff, maybe someone might be nice enough to provide various childrens?

Yes that would be good. Also children snpcs with sounds when hurt like, “HELP ME MOMMY” and if you attacked a child EVERY NPC AND SNPC would maul you even with ignoreplayers. That would be funny.

Also it would be funny if you hit them and they shot fire out of their eyes.