An Idea for my Future requests

Hello Facepunch.

I am aware myself that I may accidently spam too many threads on requests so…

I thought that I could make a thread Every 2 weeks.

Heres the deal: 3 Models a Fortnight and you will hear less from me.

Is this okay? Please confirm.

Also…Looking for a model of a Water Flan from FFX-2.

Why are you asking us?

Also, I don’t think anyone on FP would agree to a deal where they have to get models every two weeks just to make you request less.

Fair enough. I just don’t want to go overboard with the requests.

Every 4 weeks?

thread of the year.

Seriously you dont have to make “deal”

Just make less god damn threads, its that simple.

Alright then…I’ll make ONE thread that I can continuously bump whenever I need certain models.

You okay with this?

Just make a thread, you don’t have to say “you okay with this?”

no I am not okay I can’t dig it,what now?

What makes you think you can cut deals with people that aren’t even obliged to help you out?
That’s very bossy and selfish.