An idea for players heads

It would be nice to scan your face and use it on avatars head , however some people could scan their… private parts instead. Imagine that long nose :slight_smile:

That would be a cool feature, only thing is Facepunch cant handle something this complicated.

Being able to customize your characters face and body or atleast choose from some presets would be good enough for me, but i like this idea aswell

Oh god, please no. I am pretty sure on the server I play on, everybody would be running around with Justin Bieber faces, or worse.

Please implement the character creation tool that was in elder scrolls: oblivion.
Its constraints were probably not tight enough and allowed the creation completely freaky faces. They nerfed that in skyrim :frowning:
I think I’ll remember all my life how I laughed every time I switched to 3rd person.

A couple of examples from youtube :

Oh hell yeah, it’s gets tiring seeing lots of clones of yourself running around.

I’d love to see ANY other game implement a character creator like they have in Eve Online. It’s by far the best, most unique creator in any game, and such a waste in Eve because you never actually see anything of another person’s character except a small headshot.

seems like that would have far better use in Rust, looks like a pretty decent creator with people even wanting a stand alone.

Of all the games I’ve played where you can create a character, this is by far the best and most elaborate I’ve seen. You can sculpt every little detail. It’s such a waste in Eve… such a waste…

as long as i can make a beard and make it long(to my belly) as well as add beads etc i’ll be happy

I think that our beards and hair should grow in Rust. Start bald, and they grow from there. The longer you stay alive, the longer your hair gets. Die and you have to start over bald again.

enough with these helmets and fishbowls. I want to see fedoras and other hats

Gandalf’s Hat, that’s legendary, would suit having an epic beard. Survive 100 days of Rust, grow a Gandalf like beard, Survive another 100 days and unlock Gandalf’s hat.