[An idea i had about looting and stuff]

[An idea i had about looting and stuff]

so, we have all had these times when we were raiding or was inside a box your friend wanting something from… here’s where my idea comes in:

  1. when looting zombies for an example you need to run to it… and if u want to throw away the item it dropped u have to drag it into your inventory to then throw it out… i want it to be possible to throw it out directly from the zombie.

  2. same thing with the boxes… i dont want to drag all the items when i raid someone to my bar when i could just throw them out directly to my friend standing next to me and spamming E ??

  3. and the last thing i want is to make it possible for your friends to open the same create that you are in!!! i dont want to exit the damn box just so my friend can take his stuff and then have to wait for him… that is just irritating…

Thanks for reading this post!

I agree with this, maybe have it as double clicking LMB quickly sends it to your inventory while RMB chucks items out.