An idea on how to help with the KOS

I know I see a lot of threads on people upset on being killed on sight as a “noob” It seems to be a very heated debate as to why it happens. Well here is a solution.
In my experience in killing and being killed one thing seems to be common. Most people killing nakeds are after the resources. I know when I kill someone I usually leave the starter stuff on them including stone hatchets and bows.
So what if when your health hit a certain point that you simply fell over unconscious for a set number of seconds. At which time you could be looted but not killed. It would make it more like you are only robbing them of the goods you are after but they get to live and move on. Of course there could also be a killing blow feature, if the robber felt the need to finish you off for some reason.
This seems like a better solution to help this. It would allow the new players to stay where they were and possibly hold onto some of the items they had. Of course there are a lot of punks who just want nothing more then to flex their epeens and kill you just because they can. I do not have a solution for douchebaggery.

So when they fall over and pass out cuz they hit the HP threshold, you can walk up and execute them without them being able to run away? Or a bear/wolf/zombie attacks you and you get blindsided, free lunch for them… Though that shouldn’t really happen unless you’re bad at the game anyways.

No thanks.

Yet the reason people attack you is to kill you anyways, another useless idea in the trash of other unthoughtful suggestions.

The flaw, you now just die much easier:

Hit threshold, and you are vulnerable to death, now you have no control over what happens to you, you just implemented something DayZ has as a feature.
It works almost the same way as I described it, you bleed to a certain point, and you go unconscious and well you won’t live even if someone were to leave you alive.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that someone could trap you inside a room for that time you are unconscious as well, and if you got up they’d take you down again if they wanted to screw with you.

How to solve the KOS problem: Fundamentally change human psychology and soothe the paranoia and mistrust both inherent and taught though experience within the human heart.

Hope your name is Yeshua Christos II.

How to solve the KoS problem: You don’t. You see, the basic principle behind rust is survival. You never know who is armed and who is not. People can easily pose naked, but still be armed to the teeth and ready to attack. Therefore, to ensure your own survival, you kill everyone; shoot first, ask questions later. The CLOSEST you are going to get, I feel, is to, if you have a weapon in your inventory, see it on the character, so you know who really is armed and who is not. I feel that will solve a good 30-40% of KoS deaths, the rest of those are people who kill simply for the thrill of the game, staying on top and keeping everyone else down.

That sounds great. The one reason I play Day Z, besides to simulate jogging across hundreds of kilometers, is to take hostages. It’d be nice to have more reward for taking a hostage and defusing a hostile situation than to just shoot first and ask questions later.

I really like this idea.

HP threshold would be 0, so you would die anyway, but with this feature you could have a chance to get up and go away after you get looted.

Yes, this would be the best solution to see the weapons on the character model… Its just not fair that a naked guy come to you, he is begging for food and when you gave them food they pull out a shotgun from nowhere and shoot you in the face. Happened to me -.- And after this guess what? I kill all the naked guys who come too close… Am I a KoS’er? No, I am just trying to survive…

If you’re going to get all your stuff taken and barely be alive, you may as well just die and respawn back at camp. If you’re too stupid to make a sleeping bag, well hey, that’s your problem. Tough.

If you didn’t even have a sleeping bag, you didn’t have anything worth taking/keeping, so you don’t really lose anything. If you do, and you have a base but can’t find it based off the sun and ocean, again, TOUGH.

I have lost my patience with “WAH I DIED” I threads.

Disable friendly fire.

Here’s an idea on how to help with KoS:

Get better. The end.

I would like to point out as well that falling to 0 HP right now in the game doesn’t do anything you just keep living. (I have been on 0 HP so many times :P)

[quote=“mepox, post:7, topic:150063”]

I really like this idea.

HP threshold would be 0, so you would die anyway, but with this feature you could have a chance to get up and go away after you get looted.

I failed at quoting…


There has to be a way for you to identify friends though.

And for all those complaining about being KOS’d:
“Rust is a multiplayer game, so there will be other players trying to survive in the same way that you are. Unfortunately for you they can find you, kill you and take your stuff. Fortunately for you – you can kill them and take their stuff. Or maybe you can make friends and help each other survive. Rust’s world is harsh – so you might need to make friends to survive.” -

I have been server hopping for the sole reason of seeing if I could really survive in any server and get up to at least making a house and getting an M4 and full kevlar: IT IS POSSIBLE. I’ve done it several times; the only downside about doing so is that I was hitting trees and not logs, and it took me 2 hours instead of 30 minutes (in an empty server).

Really, no one could’ve said it better.


The only major flaw in the game is that, not everyone can be awake and online 24/7 to defend their bases and some people have a copious amount of C4s, 7 of us managed to build a 5 storey fortress that required anyone who were to break in to go through ATLEAST 5 doors/walls- and that would be the quickest way to our stash; And we still got raped by the dude who has been camping the server’s air drops for the past 3 days.

I know it’s in Alpha, and the reason why stuff drop in abundance is to find flaws and uncover bugs quicker: But, I hope the devs have a good solution for balancing.

I like the idea !!!

You can fall down unconsciousness when your HITPOINTS (HP) reach 0, you can die if you reach -50 points of HP & have bleeding status x).

You can recovery your HP when you don’t have bleeding status max to 5 hitpoints then you get up from unconsciousness.

If someone wants to kill you when you are unconsciousness he just need to finish you with some shots (will help to reach at -50 Hitpoints).

If you get shooted and your friend is closed to you he can help you to stop bleeding status aplying bandadge and moving you (¿?).

The best solution is to show weapons on the character model so the agresor can asses the situation and be able to loot someone without killing them. This will stop some of the KoS since some people that want to steal stuff will threaten the victim while they steal everything instead of killing them.

There’s no realistic way to stop people that just want to screw with you unless there’s some sort of penalty for killing which IMO there shouldn’t be.

I like the idea. It must not be a hardcore PvP game.


Well, there could be a timer, which prevents you from doing PvP for a certain time, maybe 2-3 minutes?

I’m all for this.

Not because I can loot without killing them.

But because I can loot them THEN kill them and listen to them fucking whine like crybabies anyway.

Mortal Online, an MMORPG slightly similar in concept to Rust had the case (at least back in beta when I was testing it) when a person would kneel down when the hit that was meant to ‘kill them’ didn’t bring them down below minus-something hp. Kneeled characters could be finished off, spared so they’d regen over time or they could suicide

To be honest this does not match the ‘bleeding’ condition as it is meant to KILL you over time if not treated. If not the counter-interaction with ‘bleeding’, and if this was not always the case but only when the player didn’t reach say -8hp then I would be up for it, although it doesn’t solve too much in my opinion. But we could add awesome finishers :smiley: