An idea on how to improve gameplay

So, I bought gmod A week ago, and I’ve come across that every time I try to put an object into position but every time I move something to the right, it messes up on a different axis.

So my idea is:

Hold left click to move an object, you press G, it shows all 3 axis, Z,Y and X.

Then you press either Z,Y or X to only move the object on 1 axis, that makes it SOO much less
Annoying and quicker to move objects into position.

And then when you already pressed one of the axises ( z y x ) you can press G again to move it slower, for more detailed movement and adjustment.

What do you think about that?

There is a mod similiar enough for that.

Look for Wenlis Tools.

Yeah, “physgun buildmode” which is a part of Wenli’s tools allow this. Also you can just move it a
bit, then hold shift down. That’ll turn it into the nearest 45 degree angle. If you want to set angles yourself, you can use gm_snapdegrees with a number behind. I usually use 22.5, even though I rarely use shift.

Make the seat work in a way that it doesn’t spawn you into the top of your train when you exit it.