an idea ! remove Research kit - they think?

my idea is that remove the object Research kit, to make it a little harder and be more community, I mean (a group of friends who needed to get a silencer or M4 or P250, another has the ability to make metal doors another friend and explosives do etc. …) as Research kit having the game becomes very easy copying and learning how to do everything you find. it’s just an idea
(sorry for my English, is a language translator)

Removing research kit would make the person more valuable and be more welcomed for a group to invite him. Would be nice if they removed it. The research kit at the moment says it is a research kit 1. Maybe in the future their will be a tier system for the research kit to learn more complex items. Example as learning metal walls would need research kit 2 but explosive needs research kit 5. Just ideas but there should be a more harder way to learn items.

exactly, or maybe disappear to learn something

Maybe just make the research kit a “consumeable”… dunno.

Or just make that one blue print is for 1 craft item. That will make players hunt for BP more and some weapons rare.