An idea that could solve one of the most infamous problems in Garry's Mod History.

The original idea available here.(Sorry for the striked text.)
Scrap that, but could there be at least a feature that tells a player what they need to download/buy to fix it. Thanks. Also I don’t have any missing models/textures, I just want to help people who do.


P.S. I was really scared to post this since this is facepunch, I don’t mean any blame or anger, thanks.

Edit: I am in no way trying to promote free/illegal asset distribution of Valve’s game. I should of said that after the game session is closed, the few assets downloaded are deleted. Keep those dumb ratings coming!(I don’t mean your feedback is dumb, I mean keep rating my post dumb.)

Edit: You know what, no one needs that, but could there at least be a feature that tells what you need to buy/download when a missing texture/error shows up, thanks.

If people have missing textures from a game, they should buy the game. Also, if it’s from an addon, there’s millions of models ad textures; it would be impossible.

There would be massive issues with hosting Valve’s Source titles’ content for free asset streaming, unless it was integrated into Steamworks and performed a license check. If you own the game and the file’s still missing, and it’s not a mounting issue, verify the file integrity of the broken content in Steam.

Also, if you’re talking about downloading CS:S content because you don’t own the game, you probably shouldn’t talk about that around here.

My basic understanding is Garry’s Mod is a game that modifies other Source games you own using their content. This would defeat the purpose.

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Although in a perfect world it’d be pretty nice.

Garry’s Mod is a standalone game, it doesn’t modify any other Source games ( nor it can ). All GMod can do is use assets from other Source Engine games.

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The idea is terrible and basically impossible.

Why impossible? All it would do is connect to the server and find the needed content.

The idea itself isn’t terrible, nor impossible. However it is implausible.

In a perfect world this would be great, but for reasons that are simple to understand, Garry’s Mod unifies content that you already own, like someone already stated. If you want the content, you are supposed to purchase the game that has the content, otherwise the purpose is defeated.

“Wouldn’t it be great if Garry’s Mod had a feature that let you automatically violate Valve’s copyrights whenever you wanted to?”

No. I not trying to give people free content. You won’t be able to just go in the spawnmenu and say “LOL ima go spawn 50 different props from a game I didn’t buy!” No, you would only get the spawnmenu content from the games you own. I’m just talking about when you go on server and find their map has missing textures everywhere, the feature would just patch it and then delete it when the player is done. Also facepunch admins reading this, please warn me before you ban me, thanks. C’mon guys, my post needs more downvotes!

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I understand if my idea is the absolute stupidest thing you’ve ever heard, thanks for the feedback though!

Why would you not have a stock CS:S floor texture if you have a legit CS:S install on your local machine and it isn’t corrupt? Let’s assume that the map author built the map properly; if they didn’t build the map properly, that’s their fault, not Gmod’s. If you legitimately own CS:S, but you’re missing the stock texture because you don’t have CS:S installed, freaking install CS:S so Gmod has the prerequisite data files it expects to mount. This doesn’t need to be replaced with an asset stream.

Now, streaming in missing community assets, that’s a bit of a different matter, and I could get behind that more than throwing Valve textures and models up on some just-in-time asset streaming service.

Oh yeah sorry, I don’t have any missing texture problems, I was just making an example, sorry.

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You know what, no one needs that, but could there at least be a feature that tells what you need to buy/download when a missing texture/error shows up, thanks.

File hosting costs aren’t that simple, you know?

I am no longer supporting the idea, but could there at least be a feature that tells a player what they need to buy/download when they get an error. I don’t actually have any errors, I just want to help people who do.

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There not. Screw the idea.

I know you’re new here, so don’t be discouraged just because your idea was shot down. It’s Facepunch, where people are brutally honest. :v: It’s not plausible, but way to keep an open mind about things.

This could work; there are some issues though.

When a texture is loaded, it is hard to make it let go… I figured out a few tricks when replacing textures in a map on the fly. If you generate a texture, you can give it a unique name; when you purge it and give it a new name then it loads new. I needed to do this because sometimes using the wrong mode for textures caused them to flicker, whereas others didn’t; I didn’t want to reconnect to the server each time I updated a texture. This worked.

Now, for ERROR textures; they are all pooled into the error texture place, meaning they’re all associated. If you replace one, ALL of them are replaced if I recall correctly. For this to work properly, a real texture must exist, or a way to fallback to something must exist. The good news is that this may be done using Lua; the bad news - I haven’t tried it yet. I am going to soon, because I’m working on an entire retexture of V33X without a redownload of the map being required.

If I figure out a way to make error textures be replaced without any other issues occurring, it’ll make an appearance in the dev-base-gamemode I’m releasing very soon! Textures can be loaded on the fly; there are several ways to do it. You can download them through HTTP, server-network-to-client, etc; then they can be stored as a txt and loaded. A cache of txt textures can be held and used as needed.

Look on Workshop, there is an error model fix, it replaces the model error with a representation of the actual model, as in the actual shape ( if I recall correctly ). Look around, a lot of stuff like this exists, and a lot of it may be possible.

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Yes, check for games which are mounted; if they’re not then tell them they need to buy or enable the mounts. You can force mounts in Lua.

You can run engine.GetAddons( ) on the server, and network the v.wsid or parse the for the wsid and send it to the clients. Compare the engine.GetAddons( ) on the client with the list the client receives. If they’re missing addons, then open up a page or multiple pages to the workshop where they can subscribe.

Sorry if i’ve been a dick, like matt said, we are brutally honest
The idea it’s really good, but it’s hard to implement ,you must think on people that owns a slow internet connection, like me…Also, content would be collected like trash and this is bad :v
I remember had 3gb of pure toybox trash and i hated that

You should be one of the main voices yelling at the current workshop system that will download up to 3 copies or more of the workshop files.

Subscription, server downloads in another folder, and another downloads folder. I had over 33gb in one…

You know that [noparse][del][/del][/noparse] tags work, right?

Yeah I have like 10gb of the few workshop addons I have.

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The original idea was basically to have decent resolution fallbacks stored on a server(is the toybox server in use or just gathering dust?) and when a client had a missing texture/model it would download the assets required to fix the error and update the texture/model. Then it would delete the temporary data when the game session was finished. Also, the purpose of this idea was to make it easier for people to enjoy servers and maps without missing textures/errors, not to give people free props. This idea was not made to help me(I have no errors) but rather to help the people who don’t understand what’s going on when a missing texture pops up. This idea also had the toybox in mind. Also an alternate idea is to have a little interface that pops up telling what players need to buy/download to fix an error.

Also, this might be unrelated, but should I learn Lua or LuaJIT for getting into gmod coding?

LuaJIT is basically the same as Lua on the developer’s standpoint