An idea to counter door seal griefing

Have an item that can’t be broken and only be placed by the person who placed the foundation on the outer edge. It could be made expensive and placeable along all foundations. Preventing any further building onto that foundation -> preventing building up on someones house as well.
Assuming that they have upgraded their foundation.

This would mean that if you stole the base you couldn’t.

or build your doorway close to a rock so nothing can be placed in front of it;)

Thats what intelligent people do, or put doorways on maxed foundations, so we don’t cry about it.

But there are many, many, many retarded kids who can’t figure that sort of thing out even though it happens to them 10+ times.

I honestly enjoy sealing people in. Assuming they’ve killed me while I’ve been out peacefully farming. If you’re dumb enough to leave yourself exposed, you’ll get hit for it, just like in life.

it’s an interesting idea, currently covered by the cupboard.

personally i live by darwinism. try and learn from shit that kills you:)