An idea to implement in rust

Facepunch Hi, I’m new here and follower of rust since its inception.
Not to exhibit this issue but if this is not the right place to some admin please move it.

I am that you have much work ahead but just to give you an idea I’d like to try to implement at some future rust and I guess he would do well to play,

I guess someone already open thought of before but very difficult if not serious or you would like
implement a system for manufacturing wood type game but one wooden cuarry
or table for cutting logs or timber manufacture otherwise than cutting down trees and exposing yourself to kill you,

in principle if not a level I see right out to get wood but when you bring a certain level in the game
it is a bummer to have to keep picking up wood in the trees.

I also believe that for PVP would be great if the character could knock down fully stretched on the floor sniper style
I think it would give a very good point in the game,

that’s all and sorry for my English I hope you help Spanish something the idea thanks and keep it up.

Don’t take this as an insult, but a sawmil/logging setup/wood work bench as well as going prone have been suggested numerous times already.

agree Thank you