An Idiot's Resignation

Yes, this is the last GMod pose I’ll ever do.
Click the ticket to hell below to read it.

Show some lovin’ right here:

Gottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamgottamove that gear up.

Sad to see you go.

Alrighty then.

Hehehe, quite funny.

I cried :’(

It’s okay. It’s all gonna be aww right.

Give me proper reason for why you’re stopping with this.

First Turtlehead, and now you.

Who goes next?

Goodbye Fair ButtButt.
I will miss you,
Here is the flag of our nayyyshuuunnn


Also FYI i'm taking over all his duties as the anal pain bringer and general lord of all dongery in screenshots.

Why do I need to be taken away? :saddowns:

Alyx and her trusty Advisor wants you. [sp]In them.[/sp]

Your Zoey & Scout cock eating comic was the first comic I saw from here…

:C Why?!?!

Ow :frown:

Stop it deathbucket! She gave those duties to me in black and white in that comic!

Is… that good?

The dildo should replace Eli’s hook-leg.

what the fuck? nooooooooooooooooooo

I’m gonna miss butthurter’s poses.
But I guess now, I can carry on her legacy.

Bow to your new master, disreguard the false prophet, “Thead Teckub, or death bucket”, for it says in black and white that I shall gain the new ability to rape all in my way!

I always thought you were better than me, actually. And by that, I mean you have a higher rank than me.
Thus, Deathbucket takes over my shitty rank.

Hate to see you go :frowning: