An important man

Posing looks a bit stiff but I love the idea behind it, reminds me of Deus Ex somewhat due to the futuristic/noirish look the Blacklight models have.

I think this is your best yet.

his tie is a bit stiff but everything else is probably the best I’ve seen from you yet

Thank you guys!

Posing on some of the guys legs is really really awkward, and for some reason the guy to the far right looks pasted in… but your improving… I like the colours.

Oh, yes! I didn’t see this

Whoaaaa! That is so PERFECT!

I can say it’s been an honor for me as a semi-senior member to witness you go from ‘‘his revenge is begin’’ to this. We all walk this road and seeing other people do it is really satisfying.

You’re gonna go far, kid.

I don’t know about you, but he looks important.

Thank you guys!