An injured man's last stand against a zombie horde.

I don’t know about you all screenshot experts, but I love it. However, I noticed the flash is off a bit.

Made in about 40 minutes, C&C, please. :unsmith:

The only problem for me is that the finger posing makes the dude look like he isn’t gripping the pistol properly. Other than that and the muzzle flash, it looks pretty good.

Improve on the finger posing. Grass is excessive. It strangles the scene, and the muzzle flash is off as you say.

Not much going on here. The horde is two zombies, and he isn’t even shooting in their direction. Problem with off screen action is that pics tend to be dull.

Not bad, but not very good either concidering the masters in this section… I’ll… I don’t rate this… Sorry.


I mean don’t get me wrong. This isn’t bad it’s allright maybe a tad bit boring.

It’s a small horde.

The pistol does more damage than you think when you’re down! (hurr xd)

I love the background, it looks really nice.
The faceposing/posing looks fine but as everyone said you need to work on your finger posing :stuck_out_tongue:

The rest of the horde is where he is facing, those two are just flanking! :smith: