'An Inquisitive Hunter' - Hunter inspects a weepy Witch



One of those HunterXWitch requests.

Sweet jesus…nice lighting and shading.

Hunter is going to get mauled any second. Light is awesome, Dead Zoey in the background really did the pic. Have wood.

Rating gone high wire again.

Actaully, I think the person who requested it wanted the Witch to give him a big ol hug.
Oh yeah, Zoey wanted to snuggle the Witch. She in turn had a violent mood swing. :slight_smile:

Oh, and thanks!

great lighting

very nice everything
but the contrast is a little too excessive

In my opinion the contrast is just right to fit the mood.

Bump. This took too long for it to die that easily.

I love it. This is just awesome and well done.


Also, I liked your old avatar better due to the sexy lighting. But this current one is just as decent actually. Don’t know why I like the other Joker avatar better.

Witch = Bitch = Crazy Bitch = My Vagina bleeds every day.

Everytime I see a Witch, I see her running around with her arms flailing about above her head while shouting “TIAWWWW TIAWWW” with a fleshlight jammed into her cunt. Basically, to fuck her, you have to fuck the fleshlight as well.

Whats a fleshlight mommy?

You see when a mommy doesn’t love a daddy, a daddy has to use a sex toy to relieve him of his stress.

I thought I needed a bit of change. But thanks. :smiley:

Ah, thats were I’ve been going wrong.

Goddamnit dude. Thats awesome! Did you texture some stuff in this picture?

Thanks! Yeah, I edited a lot of blood, claw marks and stains on the Witch and Hunter, along with some blood splattered on the surroundings, like the fridge.

There are some sketchy bits of lighting like on the hunter’s left forearm but the rest is really awesome. Keep on truckin’, king of L4D shots.


Some of the blood looks a little pasted on though.

The ‘King of L4D shots’ eh? I could get used to that title.
Gah, I was annoyed when I finished the pic and looked at the Hunter’s arm. I messed up the dodging.

Oh yeah, thanks!

Neat lighting, totally neat. But that blood isn’t that good. I dunno the right word for it.

I envy your skills, your L4D pics are so fucking awesome.
Keep making this amazing pics mate! cheers!