An interactive day with hoovy.

You are now Hoovy, tell Hoovy what to do and he’ll do so because YOU are Hoovy.
Also to avoid I abandoning the interactive comic, Hoovy can die. Respawn time is 999 years.

Oh and you got a week of complete control over Hoovy, past this week, the day with Hoovy will be over and he shall go back to mindless murdering of harmless tiny men.

Eat a dove for breakfast.

What is wrong with you? You’re Hoovy!

You eat


doves for breakfast.

Clean up, punch Scott then run into battle.

Find the Brass Beast. Then go find a scout, and DESTROY HIS SOUL.

leave sharpen alone

miraculously transform into salami

Good job fatass, you’re now salami.

magically transform back into Hoovy

place on ushanka

lament on deaths of tiny eety beety baby men running from sandvich

You magically turned back into Hoovy. You have merged with a dove on the process.
You are also clueless about Ushankas and Sandviches, you are 2007 Hoovy.

Wake up Sasha and show her all this beautiful snow.

Go see the Medic to see if he can remove this ** MISCHIEVOUSLY MERGED CREATURE OF FLIGHT**.

Wake up Sasha and start looking for your fists.

eat your own hand to gain some health that you lost when you merged with the dove

start doing the dougie and make pew pew hands shooting out cheese whiz at several pickles

Find the medic, steal his medi-gun and bonesaw and perform surgery on yourself to remove the Dove.

>Wake up demoman.

You wake up Demoman and Sasha to admire this splendid view.

Then you decide to find Medic in order to take care of that Merged Dove.
On your way to Medic you find a rather panicked Scout ordering you to stop.

Before he could even start talking, your merged dove have poetic chat with Scout.

The bird’s poetry left Scout speechless and lifeless. You find out this Merged Dove is unlike any Merged Dove you’ve seen before, he is in fact a Poet Dove. Demoman still is too drunk to join your party.
What should hoovy do now.

Pickpocket scout.

Go to supply locker and equip fists.