An issue with an attempt at headhacking.

So, I’m learning to model hack. I expected it to be the most difficult thing on the planet, but it’s surprisingly easy to do once you learn how.

But this happened. Could somebody tell me why the head is floating above his body? Is it an issue related to the qc? Or did I forget to do something in 3ds Max?

I’d say you probably forgot to move the head back into position while you had 3DS Max open. Check your model reference and make sure the head is actually in place.

So, decompile it and look at the reference? I’m brand new to this.

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I don’t think that’s it. I decompiled it and the head was in the right place.

You shouldn’t have to decompile it if you still have the original source files you used to compile it in the first place. Still, if the head is being shown in the right spot, then I’m not too sure what the issue is. Hopefully someone else can give you a hand.

Yeah, on either model the head is in the right place. Anybody else have a suggestion to fix this?

Head and body has identical skeltons? Also is there a bone called “ValveBiped.forward”?