An issue with using particle systems

This has been bothering me for a while.

Applying a particle system in my map that would render in the game that I used (for instance, Half-Life 2: EP2) would not do that with a particle manifest that I saved in my library.
This is where I don’t know what to do.

I’m aware that there is a particle manifest inside Gmod VPK and that normally you would extract it to your library to write your .pcf name there. However, I understand that this won’t work due to the other servers&mods that apply THEIR OWN particle_manifest.txt which can not be overwritten by yours.

For instance, let’s say I am using PakRat to pack my files into the map. What do I do?
Thank you in advance.

P.S: Sorry if this isn’t exactly the place to ask about it, but I figured it would relate to mapping since its the map I use it in. :wink:
P.S 2: I heard that making a side game library (eg there is common>garrysmod>garrysmod) with a given name “custom” would work. So that Garry’s Mod>custom>particles>particles_manifest.txt? Can anyone confirm this?

I don’t know about custom maps, but when other GMod addons use custom .pcf files, they add them to the game using a .lua file inside of lua/autorun, with code like this:


I don’t know if the map entities used to create particle systems will precache the effects by themselves, though, so if they won’t show up, you might also need to do this for each individual effect you’re using:


Source is silly. What you’ll want to do is make your own manifest file similar to particles_manifest but only including your custom effects. Then put it in your maps folder, and name it <MAPNAME>_manifest.txt

@TwoYearLurker, I wouldn’t expect maps to require lua files for custom particles, but thanks :P.

So basically in the following format: gm_somemapname_manifest.txt?
Do I also have to place it in Garry’s Mod>garrysmod>particles?

Yes to the format. Just copy and paste whatever’s before your map’s extension of .bsp and add the _manifest end to it. As for the file directory it needs to be beside your map in root/maps and should be packed in the same location. Your custom particles should still be left in root/particles

Alright, so if I understand it correctly, mapname_manifest.txt goes in with the maps folder while particles should be kept in the folder with particles_manifest.txt
Does that apply to all games? I’ve never really packed custom particles into a map before.

You got it! Although you don’t need particles_manifest, since that can only really be editted on the player’s side. To my knowledge it applies to all Source games since they all seem to work the same way regarding custom content. To test it after you pack it just move all of the custom content out of your folders and try running your map

Alright, thanks! You helped me a lot :slight_smile: