An Italian mobster walking through a drenched alleyway

The title says it all.


Constructive criticism is welcome, but try not to be too harsh. I’m pretty new at Photoshop, so tips would be welcome too.

The rain looks pretty crowded.

God damn rain.

The jpeg quality looks low.

Okay, need to work on rain. Check.

Also, the jpeg quality is on 12, and I’ve got all the video settings maxed out in game. So, is there anything else I can do to make the picture look better?

Why the fuck would you set the jpeg_quality to 12?

It’s raining a buttload in an alley way, not a good idea.

Less motion blur and a bit less noise when making the rain makes it look better.

Nice job, I like it

His coat looks like it’s made of plastic.

And you need to clean all the rain on the borders, because it clutters there.
Argh, I would link you to Superscatman’s rain tutorial but I cant find it :C