An object carrying companion?

Well, I’m not sure were I got this idea from, or if this has already been requested or not, but I’m just bringing up this idea. What I would like to see is a robot (possibly a just a city scanner.) that follows you around, and carries objects for you. The way this could be done is you would first spawn the carrier, bind a key to some command, and press that key while looking at any object, and a ray would shoot from the carrier and hit the object, the object would then disintegrate, and you carrier would now be holding it in a menu. You would probably press a menu button for the carrier, It would then list in a window what props/entities/etc. it was carrying, and if you click on the prop, it would drop it behind the carrier or in front, It would also have a button to remove everything in the inventory, or drop everything. So, there is my idea, not sure if it’s a good one, but it’s an idea.

I wish I was a lua scripter…

That would be relatively simple to do, definitely possible. The only problematic element would be the AI of your follower… I don’t really see it being extremely useful or interesting if it’s just for sandbox though, it would need to be integrated in a gamemode.

The Manhack might do this :ese:

Well, for large maps, I’d rather want to carry a small thing around, then just multiple items. And yea, it would be very useful for some game modes.


For the AI, I don’t plan on it shooting things or fighting (but you could add that if you want), but I think it is semi-simple to make a follow script, correct? I’m not sure if I am correct or not, the only thing I know about lua is the limits of it, I can’t really script.

Manhacks are dumb, they’re programmed so that they intentionallly run into walls. It makes for fun battles but doesn’t make them that great at following you. They also don’t understand the concept of stopping once they started flying in a direction. In that regard the city scanner would be perfect. You could even have it pick up and drop props you want if you try hard enough.

Meh, I guess you’re right.