An Odd Request

Hello, Facepunch. I don’t post here often, so try to take it easy on me, please.

This is an odd request. Many of you probably know the Taco N Banana (TnB) Roleplaying community, and I am a part of it. However, me and a group of fellow TnB members are bored of the conventional HL2RP and Terminator RP settings. We’re setting off to make our own RP server.

To keep it short and simple, we’ve got a server. We’ve got forums, and we’ve got a storyline set up. For the server, we have maps and a script, and that’s it.

We need help with SWEPS and player-models, and we know of literally nobody who is able to rig them up. The theme for the roleplay is a fantasy, medieval-type setting, and we need rigged playermodels and SWEPS accordingly.

I have the models from Dark Messiah: Might and Magic, and I’d really like those to be rigged up as player models. We also need the standard HL2 citizen faces rigged up onto the standard Dark Messiah Villager models, for variance on character looks when first creating a character.

In terms of SWEPS, we’ll settle with just about anything. We’d like to have a variance in different types of melee weapons and bows, is all. Axes, swords, bows, hammers, maybe even a spear or something of the sort.

If you guys could help us out, I’d be forever grateful. We really need the help and have nowhere else to turn.