An Odd TF2 Hexed Ragdoll/Item Request, If I May

To anyone who is good at Making Custom Ragdolls –

I am looking for a special set of custom ragdolls hexed so that they don’t have to replace the original TF2 models.

First a little background: I am currently working on a TF2/HL2 crossover fanfiction still comic in Garry’s Mod and I have two custom “Brigades” of mercinaries from TF2 that are more or less renegades. They are the “51st Red” and “51st Blu” Brigades, and they take the center stage in the fic, as they were once a band of twin brothers that got seperated into Red and BLU teams for the Administrator’s amusement. Unlike the other mercinary brigades, they wear the number “51” discretely on their persons to identify themselves, so that on the outside, they look normal and will carry out the orders of the Admin, but on on the inside, they are banding together against her.

EDIT: To clarify confusion, I deleted the original request. I have the skins I asked for prepared; please see the post below.

The next request I’d like to make is the medics without their medical packs on their backs. I’d prefer both the plain (for future fics) and the ones with the “51” mark (as listed above), but if you can only make one set due to time that’s fine.

The final request is for a stephoscope, neutral colored so that both sides can use it. Every medic needs one of those.

If you can help me with this, since I do not have the knowhow or the tools to modify the models, it would be much appreciated and I will most definately give you credit for it.


I know I shouldn’t be double posting as it’s wrong, but since this topic is already here, I didn’t want to create a new thread.

In any case, I forgot to add the skins in my above request, so I uploaded the skins pack to Garry’s for your convienence. I would like these skins set to their respective TF2 character models. If there is any VTF/TGA file I am missing that you need to rig the model, let me know so I can rip it for you.

NO Longer needed! THANK YOU, SILVER!!!

I like the detail you put into this, but, you just could of said “Can someone hex this for me? link

Ask jason278, he’s good at hexing, he even has a thread.

Heh… I tend to have an extreme attention to detail. Force of habit that carries over from my job. :slight_smile:

I am going to send my request to Jason as soon as I have everything ready for him to do so. I removed the link so that I can fill it with all the proper materials/models format and stuff so he can set them to their proper formats for hexing.