An office worker takes cover and reloads

C&C please.

What the heck is he looking at?

That’s the most distracting aspect of this picture.

LOL his eyes go crazy!

But the picture is strange O_o
Why is there a barricade?

He’s looking at…uh…I’m not sure. His shoelaces? I noticed only after I finished the picture. It was supposed to be like he was looking down at the gun, but the eyeposer was being fussy, so he is consequently staring at his shoes. It’s off-screen, whatever it is.

Well its like my pictures :smug:
A tiny error in it that destroys the whole pic.

sigh so many disgruntled workers shooting at their work places.

“Oh look, spreadsheets.”

The guy in the t-shirt isn’t disgruntled; don’t even ask how he got the MP5. The guy and bodies in the background are terrorists.

Why do people use that goddamn plain-ass white T shirt? It does NOT fit with anything and makes a picture look horrible if you ask me.

Its just a model

Pose is good but… WTF is he looking at?

You ma-ma-ma-make me hahpee.

For using my models.

You miss the point. This isn’t “lol lets improvise.” Screenshots are to be taken for what they are, and the way that model looks is outright horrible.

It’s fitting. A guy. At work.

Whatever his job is, that’s for you to decide. Maybe his job is okay with his coming in a white t-shirt.

He works at a gun and T-shirt manufacturing corporation in the middle of Iraq. He’s too busy looking at a porn magazine that a co-worker dropped to care about the terrorist.
At least, that’s what I think.

The amount of contrast between him and his weapon is annoying.

Meh, I made better in a cave.

With a box of scraps.

The contrast isn’t even that striking. It’s more pronounced with the terrorist silhouette in the background.